The 6th annual College Improv Tournament
October 27, 2012 - March 9, 2013

Regionals, 10/27/12 - 2/23/13
Nationals, 3/9/13

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The 5th annual College Improv Tournament
October 15, 2011 - March 10, 2012
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Update: 3/8/10
2 Days To Nationals!

Its just two days until the 2012 CIT National Championships take place in Chicago. There are 16 teams all pumped and ready to play their hearts out for improv comedy glory. Who will win it all? Find out by either watching the playoff matches and championship matches live at the Mercury Theater, 3745 N. Southport Ave., or you can watch the webcasts live on this website.

The matches will be decided by a national panel of professional improvisers, with at least 11 to 13 judges watching the match in the theatre or online. For the championship match, there will be 15 judges watching either live in the theater or online via the webcasts.

For tickets, click: TICKETS and for the webcast, click: Webcast

Update: 2/29/12
Official CIT Nationals Video Promo

Here's the link to the new official CIT Nationals video promo. It's only a minute long so don't blink! It's also a different video then the one at the top of this page. CIT Nationals Promo Video

Update: 2/28/12
Getting Ready For Improv's March Madness!

In November 2011, a total of 126 college improv teams from over 120 North American colleges and universities began their quest for comedic glory by competing in Chicago Improv Festival's 5th annual College Improv Tournament. Over the next 4 months, Chicago Improv Festival held regionals in 13 cities across America (Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC). 16 teams now remain in the tournament with 13 regional winners and 3 wild cards. On Saturday, March 10, at Chicago's 280 seat Mercury Theater, these 16 teams will battle it out in front of a nation panel of improv judges and the general public for the 2011-2012 title! 16 teams! 4 playoff matches! 1 championship match! 1 national title winner!!!

During the CIT Nationals, each team in the playoffs will get 20 minutes to perform whatever improv style that they want to. At the end of each playoff match, a panel of national judges (professional improv actors, teachers, directors and producers) watching both in the theater and on the free online webcast will vote for the top team. Each playoff match will have one winner who will automatically go into the championship match. Then the same process happens in the championship match and a national title winner is crowned.

CIF Productions' Executive Director and CIT's creator/producer Jonathan Pitts says, "The CIT Nationals' teams are the best of the best! Among the 100 plus college improvisers playing on these 16 teams are the improv comedy stars of tomorrow! Already, Britt Lower, an alumnus of the CIT 2007-2008 championship team The Titanic Players from Northwestern University, can be seen regularly on the CBS-TV show Unforgettable. Her CIT videos helped get her an audition with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay for a Comedy Central show they cast her in."

Says Pitts, "Another great thing I like about this year’s Nationals is the wide range of improvisational performance styles. There are teams that do long-forms and teams that do games or musicals or scenes or story. There’s even a team that improvises with life-sized puppets they made themselves. Only 2 of the 16 teams have coaches, as all the other teams coach themselves, so they play from their own improvisational point of view. Most of these teams have been around as improv clubs on their campuses for 10 years or longer and most of the improvisers have been playing together as team-mates for 2 to 4 years. We've got teams as small as 3 players and as big as 12 players. It's been great to see how in just 5 years' time CIT has reached critical mass, as we've gone from 16 teams and 1 regional in year #1, to 126 teams and 13 regionals in year #5. Plus, this year we added our first Canadian team!"

About the webcasts, Pitts says, "We are also excited to webcast all the CIT National playoffs and championship match in a multi-camera, live mix, shoot. For the CIT Nationals, we incorporate sports elements like having 3 co-anchors and a sideline reporter talk about the action before and after each team performs. Last year's webcast was seen over the course of the day by over 3,500 people as schools and families had viewing parties. With 4 more teams playing in this year's CIT Nationals, we're expecting even more people to watch online to be entertained by these funny and talented young teams and to find out who this year's champions will be."

Misc. Tournament Notes:
The defending national champions are Dead Parrots Society from Western Washington University. They were the first team not from the state of Illinois to win the CIT national championship.

This year's tournament has been a year of upsets, as only 4 teams (Dead Parrots Society; Droppin' $cience; Improv Athens; Improv Mafia) defended their regional titles. This means there are 9 new regional winning teams.

6 of the 16 teams in this year's Nationals have previously played in the Nationals before. For the other 10 teams, this will be their first trip to the Nationals.

3 of the past 4 national champion teams had more women than men on their team.

Update: 2/25/12
CIT Nationals' Tickets Now On-Sale!

Tickets for all 4 of the CIT Nationals' playoff matches and the CIT Nationals championship match are now on-sale online and at the Mercury Theater box office.
To buy tickets, click: TICKETS.

Update: 2/23/12
CIT Nationals Playoff Match Schedule Released

After waiting with baited breath, the 16 teams in this year's CIT Nationals as well as their fans/families/friends, can finally see who is playing whom in each of the 4 playoff matches. To see the playoff schedule, please click: CIT National Playoffs

Update: 2/17/12
Final Wild Card Team Selected

Congrats to The Cosby Sweaters from DePaul University on being added as the "At-Large" Wild Card team. This is the second year in a row for Cosby Sweaters that they've made it into the CIT Nationals as a wild card team. The selection for the final wild card slot came down to Cosby Sweaters and Full Frontal Comedy from Indiana University, both of whom do improv music formats.

With this final addition, the full field of 16 teams for the CIT Nationals (which takes place in Chicago on Saturday, March 10) is now complete. This year's CIT Nationals field features the widest range ever of styles, sizes, and demographic make-up, this year's playoffs and championship is gonna be epic! The CIT Nationals playoff schedule will be released very shortly on this website.

Update: 2/12/12
No Rebuilding Year For Improv Mafia

With many of the defending regional champs losing their titles this year, there was some thought that after a great 4 year run, this year would be the year Improv Mafia from Illinois State University would go into rebuilding mold and not hang on to their Lower Midwest Regional title. Well, that was not the case, as the ISU team which won the CIT 2008-2009 national title and came in 2nd place over-all in the 2010-2011 tournament, put those thoughts to rest as they defended their title in Indianapolis. There's also been some comments that Improv Mafia couldn't win outside of their home state, but this too has now been proved false as they won in Indiana in front of a panel of all-Indiana professional improvisers from ComedySportz Indianapolis.

The LMR 2nd place was won by Full Frontal Comedy from Indiana University. This was their highest finish in all their years of playing in the CIT. They are now eligable for the final At-Large Wild Card Team slot in the CIT Nationals. Early next week, the CIT producers will announce which team will fill the final wild card team slot. With 15 teams playing, this year's LMR was both the biggest regional in CIT 2011-2012 and it was one of the best too. Congrats to all the LMR teams for playing so well!

The producers of CIT would also like to congratulate former Illinois All-State Improv Team members Robert Leahy (Improv Mafia) and Danielle Vetter (Full Frontal Comedy) for their successes in this year's LMR. Besides producing the CIT, parent organization Chicago Improv Festival Productions also produces the IASIT.

Update: 2/6/12
126 Teams? Now We're Getting Ridiculous!

Today CIT added one more team, Awkward Silence Comedy from Indiana University to this Saturday's final regional, the Lower Midwest Regional. This makes 15 teams that will be playing in the LMR. Awkward Silence Comedy has played in the CIT 3 of the last 4 years and came in 2nd place in the first ever CIT Nationals.

This means that this year's CIT has 126 teams, a 30 team increase from last year's CIT, and also a new record beating last Thursday's new record of 125 teams. We couldn't do this without all you great college teams, so thank-you all very much!

To see the Lower Midwest Regional schedule or to buy tickets: LMR

Update: 2/2/12
Obehave Makes #125 Teams!

With today's addition of Obehave from Oberlin College into the CIT Lower Midwest Regional (aka the last regional of this year's tournament), the CIT 2011-2012 tops off with a total of 125 teams playing in this year's tournament. This new record amount equals the biggest amount of acts and ensembles that ever performed in the biggest year of the Chicago Improv Festival (aka the parent organization of CIT).

Update: 1/30/12
Two Champs In One Day!

Heartland Regional finals teams

On January 28, CIT had regionals happening in Kansas City (Heartland Regional) and in San Francisco (Golden Gate Regional), which produced two new regional champions to come to Chicago to play in the CIT Nationals on Saturday, March 10.

This was the second year CIT did a regional in Kansas City, and this year's regional title was won by Left, Right, Tim from University of Colorado, who were playing in their third consective CIT. They beat the Heartland Regional's defending champs, Zoiks! from Emporia State University who came in second place. The Heartland Regional was notable for full houses, great fun, great improv, great matches, the KC improv community, and supportive teams!

Awkward Silence listens to CIT Producer Jonathan Pitts talk about the CIT Nationals

This was the first year CIT did a regional in San Francisco, so there was no defending champs. This year's inaugural regional title was won by Awkward Silence from University of San Francisco with a victory over second place's SIMPS from Stanford University. This regional was notable for its full houses, joyful energy, supportive SF improvisers, and that 80% of its teams played short form making it improvisationally unique in the CIT regional landscape.

Update: 1/22/12
Improv Athens Defends Its Title

South Regional finals teams

Congratulations to Improv Athens from University of Georgia for defending its CIT South Regional title for the second year in a row. They became just the third team in ten regionals to defend their regional title and for both shows they performed a form called Storybox Remix.

In their first year in CIT, the surprising Mobb Line from Savannah College of Art & Design pulled off an upset by taking second place over the south regional powerhouse team and two time former South Regional champs, Theatre Strike Force from University of Florida who came in third place.

It was a super close finals as the top three teams won first place votes by the 7 judges, but with 4 first place votes, Improv Athens did win and will play in the CIT Nationals.

Update: 1/15/12
1, 2, Buckle My Shoe & A Sad Farewell

Windy City Regional finals teams

Not only did Droppin' $cience from Columbia College Chicago defend their Windy City Regional title by winning it the second year in a row, The Cosby Sweaters from DePaul University repeated their second place finish for the second year in a row too. This is the first time ever in CIT's 5 year history that the top two teams of any regional repeated their same finishing position two years in a row. This is quite a coup for Chicago based pH Productions, the sponsor and coaches of both teams as well as for two other new teams that played in the Windy City Regional for their first time.

Overall, it was a super fun and funny regional with great work from all 12 teams. CIF Productions' Executive Director Jonathan Pitts said, "This was probably the most joyful Chicago regional we've had in the last 3 years. It was great to see that everyone got and participated in a sense of community rather than competition."

Mike Enriquez referee of the 2008-2009 CIT Nationals

This year's Windy City Regional was dedicated in honor of Mike Enriquez, a former CIT Nationals referee and longtime Chicago improv actor/teacher who passed away on Thursday, January 12, 2012.

Update: 1/1/12
Regional & Wild Card Recap

Upper Midwest Regionals' super-jam

Due to our webhost our website was done for two months, we weren't able to update the CIT pages to list all the regional winners and wild card teams that have already happened in this year's tournament. In the 8 regionals we've already done, it's been a year of upsets and surprises as only one team (the current national champs, Dead Parrots Society) has defended their regional title. Otherwise, all the other 7 regional winners won for their first time. Since we start up the CIT again in mid-January and we still have 5 regionals to go, let's get caught up with all the results.

Regional Winners (So Far)
Big Apple: Dangerbox - New York University (NY)
Capital City: Erasable, Inc - Maryland University (MA)
Mid-Atlantic: Deleted Scenes - Bucks Community College (PA)
New England: Otter Nonsense Players - Middlebury College (VT)
Northwest: Dead Parrots Society - Western Washington University (WA)
Southwest: Camp Danger - Texas A&M-Corpus Christi (TX)
Upper Midwest: Paperback Rhino - University of Iowa (IA)
West Coast: Charles Darwin Experience - University of Arizona (AZ)

Wild Card Teams (So Far)
We've also added two Wild Card teams for the CIT Nationals and we will add one more at-large Wild Card team. The East Wild Card team is NU & Improv'd from Northeastern University (MA) and the West Wild Card team is Vancouver's BCUimprov from University of British Columbia (Canada).

Update: 12/20/11
CIT Site Back Online

After two months of being down due to our webhost changing FTP programs, we are now able to add new content back on the website. Prior to this, we've only been able to add new info through the CIT facebook page. A lot has happened since Oct 15, as we've had another 7 regionals take place. This means we've 7 regional winners and 2 wild card teams set to go to the CIT Nationals. We've still got another 4 or 5 more regionals to go and 1 or 2 more wild card teams to be selected. We'll be adding more info and photos very soon.

Update: 10/16/11
Camp Danger Wins The Southwest Regional

Update: 10/14/11
Southwest Regional Kicks Off CIT 2011-2012

The 2011-2012 CIT begins on Saturday, October 15, in Austin, Texas at The Hideout Theater, as 9 teams from the southwest will compete for the regional title. The preliminary matches will be at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. The finals will be at 8pm and will be webcast for free on CIT's webcast page. We will update the match results throughout the course of the day on this page and CIF's facebook page.

Update: 10/1/11
Southwest Regional Official Promo Video Released

CIF Productions released its first CIT regional promo video. This one is for the Southwest Regional, which is on Saturday, October 15 and is the first of 13 regionals. There will be a promo video made and posted for each of the 13 different regionals. These videos will be posted on CIT's facebook page, youtube, and on this website.

Update: 9/18/11
Online Registration Available

Teams can also now register fully online by clicking here: REGISTER ONLINE

Update: 8/15/11
Official Registration Information

Hello College Improv Teams! To register for this year's CIT, please send CIT's Associate Producer Keith Habersberger the following:

1) A list of all the names of the improvisers from your group who will be playing. Any undergrad or grad student at the university/college is welcome!
2) A high resolution photo of your group that will be playing in CIT.
3) A website or fb page link for your group.
4) The name of your college/university.
5) The name of your school paper and a link to that paper.
6) The name of your group's coach or director (if there is one) and their contact info. We also want the name of your group's captain/president (they will serve as the main contact between CIT's producers and your team). Team Captains: We need your email address, your cell phone number, and your year in school.
7) One paragraph on the history of your group, and a second paragraph about your current group. Tell us what you think we should know about your team! We will be posting weekly preview videos about each upcoming regional. If you can make a short video (30 seconds to 60 seconds) telling us about yourselves, we will put it into the promo video that leads up to your regional. Fun, right?! The best way to get this video to us would be to upload the video to Youtube, and then send us the link. If you can't/don't make a video, we'll show your picture and talk about you from your two bio paragraphs. If you don't give us a photo or the two paragraphs of info, we will make boring on-air assumptions about your group's history and playing style.
8) There's a small one-time registration fee of $5 dollars per player* (example: 10 players = $50 dollars). You can write a check to Chicago Improv Festival and mail it to: CIF Productions, 2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago, IL 60657 or you can pay via Paypal (payee address: Note: Make sure you let us know which group and college/university you're paying the registration fee for.

*The registration fee provides each player entrance into any and all regional and national matches, and goes toward putting all the videos online as well as helping to fund the live webcasts!

Update: 7/21/11
Are You Ready For Some Improv?!

With a tournament schedule that looks like Monday Night Football meets Whose Line Is It Anyway, CIF Productions has released the 2011-2012 College Improv Tournament schedule. New for this year's tournament: There will be one regional per weekend, going from mid-October until mid-March. Every regional will be webcast live, and for free, on CIT's website.

As in previous CITs, there will be three judges for each preliminary match and the finals match. The judges will write notes to be given to the teams at the end of the day. Each team will be given 25 minutes to improvise any style they want. The regional wining team will be given an automatic bid to compete in the CIT Nationals. We're expecting 100+ teams this year, including teams from Canada, so let the games begin!!