Eux Compagnie d'Improvisation

Eux Compagnie d'Improvisation is Paris' only long-form team. They've been together for over three years. Besides performing in France, they've performed in improv festivals across Europe. They've also come to America to take workshops, including in Chicago. This is their first performance here as a team.

Here is an overview of our formats. We have four different formats. We alternate between them every sunday (the day we play here in Paris), so that we have a diversity of formats. This also keeps us working on many different aspects of improv all the time. We usually play them with four people on stage on one-hour time-slots. The formats are:

Cabaret, this is basically short-form free scenes and games.

Harold, they do two "classic" (3/3/3) Harolds, although they can move away from the structure sometimes.

Plus ou Moins ("More or Less"), this is a directed improvisation form (there is a director on stage who gives instructions to the improvisers), with a sense of competition as the goal is to direct the longest possible scene. It is inspired by Keith Johnstone.

J. Casanaga, this is a "narrative long-form" or a play. It is inspired on Kenn Adams' book How to improvise a full-length play. They were also inspired by Michael Gellman's book Process. The title "J. Casanaga" comes from the fact that a mysterious character named "J. Casanag" will appear, but he may or may not be at the center of the story.

These are their formats. They usually play them on one-hour time-slots, but they will adapt them to CIF's 30 minute slots.

They want to do something special for CIF, so came up with the idea of a "Directed Harold" which would be a mix-up of the "thematic/organic/connective/group mind" aspect of the Harold with the detachment that the director has and the capacity to really push the intensity of the actors in the directed improvisation style. This is something that they tried last year when they were preparing for CIF 2010 but because of the volcano in Iceland which grounded flights across Europe weren't able to attend.

Ensemble members include Kim Akrich, Timothee Ansieau, Sophie Brossard, Frederic DeGombert, Vincent "Nabla" Leviste, Ian Parizot and Vincent Ronsac.


CIF Shows:
Wednesday, April 27 @ 8pm / ComedySportz, 929 W. Belmont Ave., $10
Tickets can be bought at the ComedySportz box office, on the phone (773.549.8080), or online: ComedySportz, 4/27

Thursday, April 28 @ 10:30pm / The Playground, 3209 N. Halsted, $10
Tickets can be bought at The Playground box office, on the phone (773.871.3793) or online: Playground, 4/28, 10:30pm

Friday, April 29 @ 7pm / The Second City Skybox, 1618 N. Wells, 4th Floor, $15
Tickets can be bought at the Second City box office, on the phone (312.337.3992), or online: SC Skybox, 4/29, 7pm