The 7th annual Teen Comedy Fest
Saturday, May 11, 2013

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Questions about TCF 2013? Email TCF's Artistic Director: Jessica Rogers and TCF's Producer: Angela McMahon.

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The 6th annual Teen Comedy Fest
May 11-13, 2012

Update: 5/8/12

TCF 2012 Schedule of Events

Friday May 11, 2012
6:30pm Registration Phase 1
9:00pm All Festival Jam

Saturday May 12, 2012
8:30am Registration Phase 2
9:30 – 11am Workshops:
. Object Work and Interactive Environments – Alan Hawkins
. Freestyle Rap and Improvised Rhyme – Emily Dugan
. Improvising a Long-Form Musical – Amber Dyson
. Sketch Comedy Writing – Jameeleh Shelo
. Unconditional Support – Jay Sukow

11:15 – 12:45pm Workshops:
. Finding the Heart of a Scene – Alan Hawkins
. Freestyle Rap and Improvised Rhyme – Emily Dugan
. Improvising a Long-Form Musical – Amber Dyson
. Intro to Long-Form Improv – Kenny Metroff
. Playing New Characters – Alex Moffat

1 – 1:45pm Lunch (Provided) and Lottery Teams will meet with Coaches:
Kenny Metroff - Lottery 1 and Alan Hawkins - Lottery 2

1:45 – 3:15pm Workshops:
. Beginning Improvised Shakespeare – Alan Hawkins
. Improvised Song Structure – Amber Dyson
. Organic Improv, Living the Truth of the Scene – Jay Sukow
. Playing New Characters – Alex Moffat
. Stand-Up Comedy – Bryan Bowden

3:30 – 5pm Workshops:
. Advanced Long-Form Improv – Emily Dugan
. Finding the Heart of a Scene – Alan Hawkins
. Sketch Comedy Writing – Jeff Poole
. Stand-Up Comedy – Bryan Bowden
. “Yes and”, the only form you’ll ever need – Jay Sukow

5-6:15 pm Dinner (On your Own)

Performance Schedule:

6:30 – 7:30
Improv Playhouse Jr Ensemble
Team Achoo!
7:45 – 8:45
Unintentionally Hilarious
Gordon Tech - H1NFun
Improv Playhouse Teen Ensemble
9:00 – 10:00
Chi Arts - Well Rehearsed
Armadillo Rodeo
Creatures of Impulse
All-Star Improv Team
10:00 – 10:45
Sketch Class 1 (Jameeleh Shelo)
Sketch Class 2 (Jeff Poole)
Lottery Team 1 (Kenny Metroff)
Lottery Team 2 (Alan Hawkins)

Update: 5/4/12
TCF 2012 Gets Press

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Update: 4/26/12
TCF Tickets On-Sale Now

Tickets for all TCF 2012 shows are now on-sale.
To buy them, click: TICKETS

Update: 4/20/12
TCF's Artistic Director & Producer Statements

TCF's Artistic Director Jessica Rogers and TCF Producer Jamie Black released their artstic director's and producer's statements about TCF 2012.

TCF Artistic Director's Statement - Jessica Rogers

Chicago Improv Festival Productions presents the 6th Annual Teen Comedy Fest, featuring over 100 teen improvisors, sketch comedians, and stand-up comics from across the country. The Teen Comedy Festival was designed to provide unparalleled opportunities in performance and comedy study to our teenage comedians and community members.

This year is going to be very exciting as we embark on a three day festival - The First in Festival History!!! We have a variety of new and returning workshops for our performers and coaches to attend. We are also planning some awesome performance and socializing events for all.

I am honored and excited to be named the new Artistic Director of the Teen Comedy Festival. As a veteran director and instructor of pre-college aged students, I have experienced the value of providing these performers with the opportunity to share their personal views, talent, and imagination with audiences, and most importantly each other. Smart and talented people are attracted to this art form, and this particular population is certainly filled with bright performers that have something intelligent and funny to say. The Teen Comedy Festival helps to nurture and cultivate this art form amongst our younger generation, the future generation of comedians.

TCF Producer's Statement - Jamie Black

I'm very excited to be producing this year's Teen Comedy Fest. We've got teams from Arkansas, California, Maryland, Minnesota and Illinois. Many of our teams have participated in years past including our out of state teams so we are really excited that they can see the value in their experiences here and choose to come back. This is a great opportunity for people to see what the future of comedy is going to look like. These are really talented kids that you will see as professionals one day on the comedy stages of Second City, IO, ComedySportz and the Annoyance.

Update: 12/24/11
TCF Registration Form Now Online

The new online registration form for Teen Comedy Fest 2012 has been posted and is now available. To register, please click: TCF Registration

Update: 11/1/11
Announcing TCF's New Artistic Director & Producer

Today, CIF Productions Executive Director Jonathan Pitts announced that long time Chicago area improv veteran Jessica Rogers will be TCF's new Artistic Director and that long time CIF staffer Jamie Black will be TCF's new Producer. Says Pitts, "With these changes, I'm excited to see how things will be done with two talented people doing what Emily did by herself. I'm also excited to see what new perspectives Jessica and Jamie bring to the process and to TCF. The teens are in for a real treat in 2012!"

Update: 10/15/11
Emily Dugan Resigns As TCF's Artistic Director/Producer

CIF Productions Executive Director Jonathan Pitts announced that TCF's 1st Artistic Director/Producer Emily Dugan has resigned her position because of both her upcoming marriage preparations in the summer of 2012 and because of the growing needs of her career as a creator/director in the Chicago theatre community which also require more time from her. Emily was the AD/P for TCF's years 1-5. The good news for TCF is that Emily will be back as a teacher in TCF 2012 to lead a workshop. Say Pitts, "Emily did a fantastic job as both the artistic director and producer for TCF. I often wondered how she was able to both jobs at the same time and at such a high level. She'll be missed, but this opens up TCF for new choices."